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Lemons Rally Car (84 Spider DS0) Workshop

I spent July 8th, 2017 with my friends at Auto Ricambi (Ramzi, Csaba, Brett, J.T.) and Andy Truscott working on a 1984 Spider 2000 (DS0, a pininfarina built car).  The goal is to achieve something that will run between San Francisco and Portland later this summer.  The candidate car is a bit weird – a previous owner had hacked up the FI fuel injection pump wiring, installed an in-tank fuel pump, ran miles of stereo wires, tampered with the ignition switch, and a mess of other things we spent the day reversing.  The car received a new fuel tank, filter, pump, new shocks and springs, new suspension and steering, and new brakes today.

Csaba isn’t the picture because he arrived late.  We’re smiling here because the temperature will still around 75…later in the day it hit 1,000,000 F.

The candidate interior.  Dirty but extremely solid.  Very little rust.

Ooooooooof.  From the spark plug in the air regulator hose to the glue on the AFM the FI system was a real bear.  When I left it had been partially removed; reliability is key in a rally and this FI system is likely not going to continue to exist on this car.  The good news is when we did get it to run the valve train, etc., sounded great.

The previous owner’s wiring can be seen on the left.  Whoever it was was apparently trying to see how many miles of lamp cord he can shove under the rear deck.  We pulled out at least four feet.

Andy reminded me that people would even want to look at the driveshaft, therefore it should be painted.

Stripped bare the wheel well and suspension mounting points are in excellent condition.  Relative the level of neglect the car suffered it is nothing short of amazing.

The SPAX shocks neither recoiled nor extended without help; they were placed in a bin.

Dirty but sold, the rear suspension was refurbished early in the day.

Note the use of the jack.  This is not how one is supposed to use a jack.

The underbelly before we starting reinstalling everything.