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1977 X1/9 Project Journal – Day Fourteen

This weekend was a combination of body and mechanical work.  On the body I became frustrated with the primer I was using as a guide coat being roughly the exact color of sanded clear coat – so I found a hideous fluorescent green and made a guide coat of it.  works well, after sanding the side you see here I have only the green dent marks remaining.  This side of the car is the worst of the dings, though no single one is more than an inch or so wide and maybe 1/8 deep.  An easy job I’m hoping:

And the on to removing everything else attached to the car.  The door panels are quite faded but in excellent physical condition inside and out.  Rarely do I see FIATs having door panels that have obviously never been removed, but these were intact to the very bones, even the plastic sheeting on the interiors is intact:

The interior is now about as stripped as it will ever be.  I pounded dents in the floor flat, which cracked the sound deadening material (expected).  All of this material has to go anyway, it will be replaced with a higher quality material that does not trap moisture.  Note the white colored primer on the floor and dash:

A close-up of the floor.  Almost no rust – so little in fact it can be removed with some simple household rust spray.  Quality control wasn’t a primary activity, as you can see the piece of tape they left on the floor, one of which was applied to bare metal covering the floor drain.  How this X didn’t rust is a mystery.

I also found this sticker – a statistical code of some sort.  Not sure what it means, the number correlates to nothing else on the car.

What isn’t photographed is the amount of work done in the forward and rear compartments.  Everything has been removed that could be removed, all in preparation for painting.  The only mechanical items remaining are the front suspension components and brakes.